Monthly Archives: March 2017

Distance is history.
Paralyzing possibility dissuades any notion of organized dissent. Present orientedStatistism appeals to many for it artificially displaces responsibility to a third party. This third party: the State. The cost? Autonomy, volition, humanity scraps of what is truly lost to the cultural culling song of forced action. Reactionary politics form media trap us in an echo chamber of politically correct yet divisive mind snares. Language has been turned against us. Cunningly crafted coercion consumes concisely. Inaction from overabundance. You are in my arms but a thousand miles away. Cut and paste soundbite

Distance is history.
Reactionary language lost to the song of forced action,
Continuum of time how to say when
Connecting us completely to cunningly crafted coercion
Nature is of no consequence here.
Culling correctness from the media trap – cut and paste soundbite slave-chain.
Artificial humanity cunningly shines brighter
Molecule we know your dance – simply shimmering
Claiming chemical predestination
Vortices of dowanward desents I recline into the unkkowable. Alwways unfolding
Any possibility that displaces responsibility through forced action is unjuust