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This flow of creation and cognition exemplifies how data visualization of complex systems is necessary for understanding new contexts of an ever-growing pool of data sets. Designer and author Manuel Lima dedicates his life to creating data visualizations because he finds new patterns within contextualized data. When you see data and do not have to read it, intuitive as well as analytical brain processes are used and open up new ways of seeing.

Digitally rewired individuals emerge from a culture of constant upheaval. Nothing is constant and we are never alone. Ideas are created, transmitted and stored at the speed of light and in turn affects how quickly culture is created and formed. The notion that one becomes an expert in a field after 10,000 hours of immersion is highly interisting when an overwhelming amount of people spend consuming digital media. This shift represents not only a change from analog to digital but also from a creative oriented society to a consumption oriented society


The shared consciousness or the public sphere is a powerful force in shaping change. Amplified by external and transactive memory the sense of the real is constantly changing. An ideas that was originally created by the proliferation printed ephemera led culture to become a force beyond geography or time. The extended mind is technology manifested as a concrete. Accelerating returns accompany any advance in technology.